Frequently asked questions

What type of videos do you shoot?

We shoot all video. If it moves we will capture it. Weddings, Music Videos, Your Grandparents 90th wedding anniversay - no big deal.

How much do you charge?

Good question, but our rates depend on multiple factors.

  1. What type of project you want captured
  2. What resolution and/or equipment you require
  3. If we need to hire a mid 40's male to dress up in a bunny outfit
  4. Editing and effects you want involved
  5. Etc.
It's not easy ball parking project unless we understand it all. We suggest giving us a call and going over what exactly you're looking to capture.

I only have $40.00 can you work with that?


Why the name Crooked Cinema?

Not only does it sound awesome, but we believe that art can sometimes be different. We aren't your average film production team - we want to work with all walks of life. We don't believe in walking in straight lines. Life has detours and needs to be explored no matter what.